Mark offers in person guitar lessons in the Fort Collins area, and remote online lessons from anywhere over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. 


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Video Lesson - 'Ducks on the Millpond'

Free guitar tablature available here.

What I teach:


1) Melodic Old Time Guitar

Learn to play fiddle and banjo tunes on guitar with an old time feel and sensibility! Topics we’ll cover include basic flatpicking technique, how to incorporate pulses and drone notes, adding more rhythmic drive to your right hand, outlining chord changes, finding useful left hand positions, and improvising variations.

2) Old Time Backup Guitar

Learn to accompany tunes in the old time style! We’ll focus on standard alternating bass patterns, creating a solid rhythmic foundation, how to improvise tasteful bass runs, figuring out the chords for unfamiliar tunes, varying up your accompaniment style, and more.


3) Other Guitar Styles

While my specialty is old time music, I also greatly enjoy (and have extensive experience in) teaching a variety of styles, including folk, bluegrass, Celtic, fingerstyle, classic country, traditional jazz, and others besides.


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